Recap: EdmontonTweetup6

Just got home from our sixth “official” tweetup here in Edmonton! Thanks to @britl for organizing, as she did for our last tweetup. Tonight we met at Ceilis Irish Pub downtown. They just joined Twitter quite recently but are not exactly new to the Edmonton community as a bunch of local Twitter users have been gathering there regularly for trivia nights. There was a lot going on tonight, such as the Oilers game (yay we won in the shootout!) and a ChangeCamp organizing meeting, but we still had a decent turnout of about 20 people. Thanks to the Social Web Meetup folks for dropping by after their event.


I know I’m missing a couple people, but here is who attended tonight: @britl, @DuncanKinney, @agrabia, @Kiri_W, @LauraSem, @GuitarKat, @VeryAngryBeaver, @wunderbar, @murdawk, @ickleCarlykins, @kevin_bigelow, @TheSpinDoctor, @wburris, @alainsaffel, @dibegin, @chrislabossiere, @fusedlogic, @eadnams, @GenoaK, @mastermaq

Again a great mix of new and familiar faces!

Stay tuned to the wiki and @edmontontweetup for updates on our next event!

3 thoughts on “Recap: EdmontonTweetup6

  1. Twitter #yeg users have been going there for #yegsafetymtg on Friday nights as well! I’m going to be considered a regular soon, I’m sure!

    Thanks for the post!

  2. It was a great night. Nice to talk with twitter folk face to face. The food and Service was great at Ceili’s. Thanks to all who set this tweetup up.

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