Notes from Calgary

Sharon had a conference in Calgary yesterday and today, so I decided to tag along. I never seem to have enough time to meet up with people when I’m in town, so I’m glad to report that I had a fairly productive couple of days:

  • Yesterday I met up with Roger Kondrat for lunch. He’s got an event coming up in Calgary on November 12th called the Social Media Innovation Summit. Unlike most social media workshops, Roger is skipping the “how to Twitter” sessions and is going for higher level strategy. It’s an interesting concept, and he hopes to bring it to other Canadian cities in the future.
  • Today I joined DJ Kelly and Andrew McIntyre for lunch. Such great guys – we had a very interesting and thought-provoking discussion! Of course, we had to talk open data too. Check out DJ’s blog and Andrew’s blog.
  • DJ told me about CivicCamp Calgary 2.0, taking place all day tomorrow. I’m going to stop by in the morning for a bit. Should be good.
  • I also had a chance to stop by coworkYYC today. It’s a new co-working space for Calgary, set to launch on November 2nd. It’s about 2500 square feet in a revamped building just south of Inglewood. Some of the coolest features? A garage door at the front (currently opens into the board room), a fireplace, and an incredibly nice shower. You can see my photos here. Check out their website to learn more.
  • Before dinner tonight at Farm, Sharon and I decided to check out CrossIron Mills (aka the Balzac Mall). The highlight was Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World – you really have to see it to believe it. Otherwise, it was just a mall. Sharon will be writing more about both (Farm and the mall).
  • We’re staying at Hotel Arts tonight, a very nice hotel in between downtown and 17th Avenue. Incredibly, it doesn’t have free Internet.

Tomorrow we’re off to Banff!

2 thoughts on “Notes from Calgary

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning our Summit in Calgary Mack. I really appreciate it.

    It was awesome meeting you and catching up face to face finally. Glad you got to run into DJ and Andrew both are really good guys.

    Take care.

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