Notes for 11/8/2009

Here are my weekly notes:

  • We had our first AfterCamp event on Saturday for ChangeCampEdmonton. Thanks to everyone who came out!
  • I’ve been doing lots of stuff with ASP.NET MVC lately, and I love it. Most of my ASP.NET work in the last few years has been MVC-style inside WebForms anyway, so the switch has been nice and smooth.
  • I started reading this article but gave up probably 10,000 words in: Gladwell for Dummies. Such an intriguing title, too bad the article didn’t live up to it.
  • Like many others, I can’t believe Microsoft let Don Dodge go.
  • This link made the rounds over the last week: The future of news is entrepreneurial. I’m still thinking about and digesting that statement, but in general, I agree.
  • I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate receiving large files via email. “Bottom line, sending a large attachment via email is relocating using the U.S. Postal Service as your moving company. It is painful, limited, and expensive.”
  • On Thursday evening Sharon and I went to see Broke, the opening documentary for the Global Visions Film Festival. I can’t say that I loved the film, shot in cinema-verite style, but it was enjoyable enough. It turns out that we sat beside the “star” of the film, David Woolfson, the pawnshop owner!

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