Edmonton Twittersphere: #yeg’s 25 Most Listed

In the December issue of Avenue Edmonton magazine there’s an article on Twitter, written by @Persepolian with photography by @bruceclarke. I was interviewed for the piece, and was asked by Avenue to supply a list of local users I’d recommend that newbies follow. There are so many great local users so it was quite a challenge! I think following the #yeg hashtag is probably more useful anyway.

Now that Twitter has had the Lists feature for about a month, I thought it would be interesting to see which users appear on the most lists. Let’s see who the community thinks you should follow! Here are Edmonton’s 25 most listed:

  1. dragonage (399)
  2. redneckmommy (379)
  3. revtrev (314)
  4. NHL_Oilers (293)
  5. wearestereos (200)
  6. gsiemens (199)
  7. lealea (179)
  8. edmontonjournal (164)
  9. cleversimon (159)
  10. patkSTEREOS (155)
  11. mastermaq (149)
  12. paradepro (148)
  13. Pat_Lorna (146)
  14. MilesSTEREOS (136)
  15. britl (124)
  16. CBCEdmonton (120)
  17. ctvedmonton (118)
  18. melanienathan (113)
  19. motherpucker (113)
  20. lyndasteele (112)
  21. CityofEdmonton (109)
  22. dancinginlife (101)
  23. Gen22 (97)
  24. GlobalEdmonton (97)
  25. pixelens (95)

This is based on a dataset of 3732 users, which is the number of users who posted at least 10 tweets from October 1st to November 25th (late last night). Of those, 1999 or 53.6% are members of at least one list, 561 or 15.0% have created at least one list, and 341 or 9.1% subscribe to at least one list. On average, local users are members of 10 lists, have created 3 lists, and subscribe to 3 lists. No one has created more than 20 lists, and just three users subscribe to more than 20 lists.

Two caveats: this only reflects public lists (I have no access to private lists obviously) and it reflects the entire Twitter community (dragonage is on 399 lists, many of which may have been created by non-local users). I hope to have some more detailed stats for the next State of the Edmonton Twittersphere (you can see October’s stats here).

As a total aside, I also looked at the new geo support that Twitter recently launched. You have to go into your Settings to enable it. Turns out just 40 users or 1.1% of the dataset have done that.

Stay tuned for more stats in the next couple weeks!

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