Olympic Torch Relay in Edmonton

I have never seen Churchill Square as packed full of people as it was tonight for the Olympic Torch Relay celebration! Olympian Doreen Ryan ran the final leg of the relay, and lit the “celebration cauldron” shortly after 7pm. You could just feel the energy moving through the crowd, despite the relative cold!

Olympic Torch in Edmonton

Getting setup in Churchill Square

Olympic Torch in Edmonton

City Hall was nicely colored for the festivities

Olympic Torch in Edmonton

The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra performed the Olympic music by John Williams

Olympic Torch in Edmonton

The Square starting to fill up

Olympic Torch in Edmonton

Lots of entertainment

The most energetic of the performances

Olympic Torch in Edmonton

Clear path for Doreen Ryan

Olympic Torch in Edmonton

Churchill Square full of people

Olympic Torch in Edmonton

The Olympic Torch appears!

The final leg of the Edmonton relay

Olympic Torch in Edmonton

Celebration Cauldron and dignitaries

The Journal has a nice recap of the event here. You can see the rest of my photos here. For more excellent photos from the event, check out Bruce Clarke’s blog. This was potentially the most photographed moment in Edmonton’s history though, so I’m sure there are thousands more photos that will appear soon!

Go Canada Go!

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