Art Gallery of Alberta sneak peek for Edmonton’s social media community

As I’ve mentioned here a few times before, I’m very excited for the new Art Gallery of Alberta, opening to the public on January 31 (on ShareEdmonton). The AGA has done a really solid job of keeping everything a secret so far for the big reveal, but at the same time they want to stir up interest in the community. I had the opportunity to suggest a sneak peek of the new building for Edmonton’s social media community, and was thrilled when Sarah Hoyles, the AGA’s Media Relations & Communications Coordinator, said it was going to happen!

Here are the details:

The Art Gallery of Alberta will host a private tour for local bloggers later this month. The by-invitation-only event will be led by AGA Executive Director, Gilles Hebert, who will provide Edmonton’s social media community with a sneak peek of Alberta’s newest gallery, opening on January 31, 2010.

If you’re an active blogger or Twitter or other social media user in Edmonton, you should be receiving an invitation soon! The invite will contain all of the other relevant details.

For more information on the new building, check out Randall Stout on the new Art Gallery of Alberta. For updates about the AGA, follow yourAGA on Twitter!

See you there!

10 thoughts on “Art Gallery of Alberta sneak peek for Edmonton’s social media community

  1. Your title should read sneak peek, not sneak peak. It’s just one of those grammar things that really annoy me when I see it.

  2. I am happy to say that I was contacted and will be attending the sneak peak at the AGA on Monday.

    Very excited to see the new space, and to see who else they reached out to.

  3. I am so excited to see the revealing of the new AGA, whether it be before the public or after. Fortunately, thanks to Mack’s ingenious suggestion, I (as part of “I Heart Edmonton”) get to participate in the sneak peek on the 25th. Thanks Mack!

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