Edmonton Tweets during the Men’s Gold Medal Hockey Game

I’m sure you’ve seen by now the chart that EPCOR released showing water consumption in Edmonton during the men’s gold medal hockey game on February 28th. It’s pretty amazing how closely the data matches the end of the periods! I’m sure the game had an impact on many other parts of our lives as well. For instance, tweeting!

Here’s how much Edmontonians were tweeting during the game:

I’ve also stuck February 21 and March 7 in there, so you can see the difference from normal. We posted 27 tweets per minute from noon until 6pm on game day. That’s about three times more than normal!

Here’s what we were tweeting about:

No surprise there! I’ll have more Twitter stats up soon.

6 thoughts on “Edmonton Tweets during the Men’s Gold Medal Hockey Game

  1. Too bad Twitter wasn’t as prominent during the 2006 Oilers Stanley Cup run. EPCOR released similar stats for that also.

  2. Teeny little f-bomb just to the left of the big Canada in the word cloud. Must be from the American goals.

  3. Someone had tweeted that they expected that particular word to become a trending topic in Canada after the tying goal. I know I saw it pop up a few times in my stream.

    Regarding the second instance you pointed out, Mack – I love the fact that the word directly beside it is “amazing.” Taken together, those three words describe the game perfectly.

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