Divertido’s Network @ The Aquatic Lounge

Tonight I finally made it out to a Divertido event! Hosted at the Eye Care Group on 104th Street and Jasper Avenue, Network @ The Aquatic Lounge was Divertido’s twelfth event since they launched in September 2008. I’ve wanted to attend one of their events for a long time now, but always had something else going on. Here’s the Divertido elevator pitch:

Divertido Urban Jaunt is redefining what networking is all about by creating extraordinary events that go beyond the typical business mixer. The possibilities are endless! Come out, experience, enjoy and expand your network the Divertido way!

What is the Divertido way? First, each event has a theme, and features related decor, lights, and other surprises. Tonight, for the aquatic theme, there were blue lights and balloons, sushi, small fish bowls, and yes, a mermaid! Second, events are held at unique venues, unlike your typical networking event. Tonight’s was at the Eye Care Group, and previous events have been held at venues like the Coney Island Candy Shop, Spinelli’s, Ginger Clothing & Apparel, and EnPrivado. Third, the vibe is informal and hip. There’s a DJ, beer and wine, and business professional dress (though there is no official dress code).


There’s no agenda, no speeches, and interestingly, no common thread among the attendees (other than the fact that they heard about Divertido). There was a really diverse group of people there tonight – I met a realtor, financial manager, a “chief uptime officer” (love it), and many others. It’s great if you love to meet new people!


Divertido was created by Roberto Moreno and Elisse Heine. You can see an interview with them here. You can see the rest of my photos from tonight here. Check out the website for more information and future events.

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