Recap: DemoCampEdmonton11

Tonight was Edmonton’s eleventh DemoCamp, and despite the crazy weather that hit the city today, we had another very good turnout! Once again the audience seemed pretty evenly split between people new to DemoCamp and people who had come in the past. It’s great that we’re continually attracting new people, but it also makes me wonder where all the previous attendees have gone!

DemoCamp Edmonton 11

We had six demos this evening:

  • First up was Trent Oster from Beamdog, a digital game distribution service. They’re kind of like Steam, except that they’ve focused on simplifying the end-to-end experience of finding a game you like, downloading and installing it, and playing it. They were featured at Launch Party back in March.
  • Our second demo was Micah Slavens who showed us appboy, a directory and recommendation service for mobile applications. The site looks fantastic, with a great aesthetic, and works with Android, BlackBerry, Palm, and Apple apps. You can find apps, leave comments & reviews, and submit ideas for new apps.
  • Third tonight was Kyle Fox and Jon Smelquist from FotoJournal, hosted blogs for photographers. They are kind of like WordPress, but geared specifically to photographers with little or no setup required. It’s easy for photographers to setup an online portfolio. They were also featured at Launch Party.
  • Our forth demo was Graham Batty who showed us imgBrew, an online photo processing service. The service lets you transform images, say cropping or adjusting the color, using simple URL requests. The service is meant for a service like FotoJournal, which might want to offer the functionality without worrying about the implementation.
  • Fifth tonight was Arpad Barabas, from Calgary-based Mobizou. They’re tackling the really interesting market of mobile ads, coupons, and surveys. There are two sides to the service: for merchants, they offer the ability to quickly create ads & coupons, backed by analytics; for consumers, there’s Bizoubucks, which is a kind of loyalty program based around the mobile coupons.
  • Our final demo of the evening was Tom Ohle and Rober Kallir from Empire Avenue, an online influence stock exchange and advertising platform. I think quite a few people in the audience were familiar with the site, but they did show a couple new things as well, such as the ability to find your Facebook friends on EA. They were featured at Launch Party and will be presenting at MediaCamp too.

The bar is continually being raised in Edmonton, as all the demos were very well done with quite a bit of polish. I like Graham’s because it was a bit more of a prototype than the rest. The demo of the night has to go to appboy, however. Everyone I talked to after the event said that was their favorite, both because it’s a good idea and because the execution seems really great. I think FotoJournal also got quite a bit of love on Twitter during the demo, and has already had some success in attracting users. Keep an eye on all the startups that demoed tonight!

Here are a few upcoming events that we announced:

As always, stay tuned to Startup Edmonton and GameCamp Edmonton for updates on their events. I also do my best to aggregate upcoming tech events at ShareEdmonton.

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight. See you at DemoCampEdmonton12!

2 thoughts on “Recap: DemoCampEdmonton11

  1. Good recap 🙂

    Something I noticed during the presentations was that the more interesting and engaging ones had people talking on Twitter about them while they were happening while the less interesting ones didn’t receive much mention. A nifty metric.

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