Edmonton Notes for 5/8/2010

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

Police are cracking down on cyclists who use the sidewalks, with a focus on Whyte Avenue. Is this really the best they could do for signs?

No cycling on sidewalk

3 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 5/8/2010

  1. Re: Cyclist Signs. Comment from a friend:

    “dear whyte avenue. your neon spray painted anti-bike/rollerblade/skateboard logos offend me. give me a safe bike lane and maybe i won’t feel the need to ride on the sidewalk. great. glad we had this talk. again.”

    There is a reason cyclists are using the side walks. There isn’t enough safe cycling in this city. The conversation shouldn’t be about discouraging people to ride their bikes, but on how to get more people on them.

    What people need is a safe alternative to the side walk on Whyte. Why not make one of the back roads off Whyte a cycle path with reduced traffic and cycle right of ways? Unfortunately Edmonton is still focused on the car :(.

  2. I for one would love to see more bike lanes and paths added around Edmonton! I think they would make for safer travels for everyone involved. As an added bonus, in the winter the lanes would provide a safe area for the snow to be pushed onto so that the lanes don’t get tighter in some neighbourhoods and areas.

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