Edmonton Notes for 9/4/2010

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

Edmonton’s bid for Expo 2017 was on display in Shanghai this week. Here’s the new video:

City Market
The City Market featured a petting zoo today!

Mayor Mandel
I’ve started noticing more and more signs and billboards around town for the election, like this one for Mayor Mandel who is hoping to win a third term.

2 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 9/4/2010

  1. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to extend bar hours at all. If alcohol service still stops by 2am it really just spreads out the time for people to leave, which eases congestion, pressure on cabs, and frees up emergency responders to deal with issues over a few hours, not all at once.

    Ideally we’d see this coupled with elimination of some on-street parking on Whyte and Jasper to allow more cabs to wait, and 24-hour transit on the main strips. If people can get out of the busiest bar areas more easily we should see fewer problems.

  2. Well that’s the theory. Will it really happen that way? If you can’t order alcohol anymore, will people still stick around for another 2 hours? I’m not so sure.

    I agree that more cabs, transit, and other transportation options would be a good thing.

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