Edmonton Election 2010: It’s election day!

There’s just a couple of hours left to vote today, so if you haven’t already done so, go vote! You can find out where your voting station is here. I voted this morning and spent the day with Dave visiting campaign offices and getting a feel for the election. So far, turnout is looking decent.

As of 4pm today, a total of 77,947 Edmontonians had voted. If you add the 17,658 who voted in advance voting, the total is 95,605, which is nearly 26,000 higher than the 69,638 for the same period in 2007.

If you’re looking for a place to see the results tonight, check out the ShareEdmonton election results dashboard!

There weren’t any lines to deal with when I voted at 10:30 this morning. I ran into a couple of Mandel supporters on the way back:

Mandel supporters

My next stop was City Hall, to get an update on the morning voter turnout from Edmonton’s Returning Officer Alayne Sinclair:

Edmonton Clerk Alayne Sinclair

Dave and I then began our tour of election campaign offices, starting with Mayor Stephen Mandel’s:

Stephen Mandel's Campaign OfficeStephen Mandel's Campaign Office

The mayor himself was pretty happy with the effort put in by his team!

Stephen Mandel's Campaign Office

Our next visit was David Dorward’s office, where we had a great chat with David MacLean. Most of the team was out getting people to the voting stations, but the office was getting setup for a party.

David Dorward Campaign OfficeDavid Dorward Campaign Office

From there we travelled to Daryl Bonar’s office, but there was no one there. They were out getting people to vote, as they should have been!

Daryl Bonar supporters

We headed back north of the river for our next stops, starting with Scott McKeen’s campaign office:

Scott McKEen Campaign OfficeScott McKEen Campaign Office

A short trip away was Tony Caterina’s campaign office. We caught him just as he was leaving!

Tony Caterina Campaign OfficeTony Caterina Campaign Office

We stopped at Don Koziak’s campaign office, but there wasn’t anyone there. Our last stop, on the way back to City Hall, was at James Johnson’s campaign office:

James Johnson Campaign Office

You can see the rest of my photos here.

Of all the campaign offices we visited today, I’d say that Mandel’s felt most like what I was expecting. There were lots of people there, phones were ringing, people were running around – there was energy!


We should start to see results coming in around 8:15pm tonight. Stay tuned to #yegvote on Twitter and check out the election results dashboard at ShareEdmonton. You can quickly see the overall results, and if you click on a ward, you can get more detail about just that race.

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