Edmonton Notes for 12/5/2010

My Edmonton Etcetera blog got a little more official this week, with a new domain name: http://edmontonetc.ca/ (Tumblr has been experiencing downtime today)

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

Downtown in the Sun
We’ve had some great weather recently, and lots of sunshine!

Whitemud Drive
Fantastic shot of Whitemud Drive by Darren Kirby.

Impressive, isn’t it?

One thought on “Edmonton Notes for 12/5/2010

  1. Not true, we all pay a fuel tax that is supposed to fund all things roads and whatnot. It doesn’t, but that’s what it was intended for. Not that I support an LRT expansion surcharge, mind you. The city could do a lot to add value to our LRT, such as station coffee shops/retail, licensed busking, and unique or interactive advertising, and use the proceeds from those initiatives instead of a surcharge.

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