Edmonton Notes for 1/2/2011

Posting over the holidays has been fairly light as I have been enjoying a much-needed break, but I have posted a few things at Edmonton Etcetera and will get back to normal this week. Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 1/2/2011

  1. Hi, Mack. Thanks for linking to my Tumblr – you made my day! I just started it over the holidays, encouraged and inspired by your Edmonton Etcetera (http://edmontonetc.ca), Andy’s Pensees In (http://penseesin.tumblr.com) and Adam’s mind grapes (http://bingofuel.tumblr.com), among others. It’s sort of a blog with training wheels, at least the way I use it. My resolution is to keep it up once I’m back at work.

    The tag cloud in the Dec. 31 Journal was the product of the number-crunching and creativity of Lucas Timmons, as well as the editorial smarts of Kerry Powell and Barb Wilkinson, I believe (most of this happened while I was away). We will definitely be doing more data visualization and data journalism in general in 2011. If you or your readers have ideas you’d like us to pursue or neat examples you’ve seen elsewhere, let me know. As you have noted before – https://blog.mastermaq.ca/2010/11/09/two-reasons-journalists-should-learn-to-love-excel/ – we have a lot to learn, but we’re working on it.

    Happy New Year to you and Sharon!

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