Edmonton Notes for 4/3/2011

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

I started shaking my head as soon as I read the first few words of this article:

A new six-lane freeway being planned for southwest Edmonton could someday zip motorists from Anthony Henday Drive to the city boundary at 100 km/h.

That freeway would not be completed for another 40 to 50 years. Why plan for this now? It’s absurd. I can’t believe we’re spending resources on that when we could be building the LRT and removing the need for the freeway altogether.

GalaGuru 2011
I had fun at GalaGuru on Friday night! Check out Guru Digital Arts College here.

Invisible Art Galley
One of the features at the event: Invisible Art Gallery!

Love the Toque!
Love the toque!

2 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 4/3/2011

  1. Is your concern about the fact that money which *could* be used for LRT is being used to plan something that is 40-50 years out, or that what’s being planned is a major arterial roadway and not LRT?

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