Edmonton Notes for 6/19/2011

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

City Market in the rain
It has been wet here lately! For the City Market that meant a big drop in the number of visitors, to about 4500.

Africa Connect
Some of the art that was on display at Africa Connect.

4 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 6/19/2011

  1. Friday night is going to be a busy one!

    Don’t forget the Trimalchio Project also starts that night. 🙂 

  2. “The IBM team says that the City should empower citizens by sharing more traffic safety information through social media, among other recommendations.”

    Yeah, right, let’s just pick up our blackberrys while driving.
    I would imaging if everyone would have a drink while driving the rush hour would be less aggressive, Ceaser anyone?

    Ask what the city thinks of that one.
    The IMB consultation cost 400k right?
    Money well spent.

      1. The grant is for IBM employees to “analyze and recommend”, not implement. IBM isn’t doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, there is money to be made by finding the “best” cities to which they can sell the most services.

        It’s no surprise that Edmonton was picked since we’re all but famous for wasting money.

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