Edmonton Notes for 11/6/2011

Did you make the most of your extra hour? Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

Here are some upcoming events:

I really liked this ETS video featuring Colleen Brown:

River City Round Up
River City Round Up got underway Saturday in Churchill Square! More photos here.

2 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 11/6/2011

  1. Excuse me – it may be premature to call “Mission Accomplished” on the 99St/Scona Rd worksite.  Over the weekend, both North and Southbound traffic lanes were restricted at various times causing delays.  And late on Sunday (Nov 6) I saw a number of traffic caution signs throughout the south (Sherwood Park Freeway and Whitemud 99st exit) advising of delays for this route – presumably for this week at least.  It does seem that they have ALMOST finished most of the major work though – and are occupied with line-painting, installing signs and clearing up landscaping.

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