Media Monday Edmonton: Update #24

Here is my latest update on local media stuff:

  • But wait, they aren’t the only ones with Christmas music! You can also get 100% Christmas music at up! 99.3 FM – they also switched over the weekend, and will be playing nothing but until Box Day. And talk about taking it to the next level – their website even features a Christmas fireplace Ustream!

  • This is a long read, but it’s worth it. Michael Shapiro, writing for the Columbia Journalism Review, examines how The San Jose Mercury News nearly seized the future. Lots of great lessons and takeaways from this, for all of us, but especially those of you working at mainstream media organizations that might be finding it difficult to embrace change.
  • A new report that examines how mainstream media outlets use Twitter made the rounds today. Though I find the sample size (3600 tweets over the course of a week) ridiculously small, I am not terribly surprised that the central finding is mainstream media outlets use Twitter primarily to promote their own stuff.
  • Social Media Breakfast #12 is coming up on Friday, November 25.
  • And since there are just 12 tickets remaining as I write this, I better give you the heads up on CTV Edmonton’s Charity Tweetup, taking place on November 29. You’ll get to tour the  studios, meet the personalities, and witness a live CTV evening newscast. Very cool idea – I hope they do it again!
  • This Venn diagram comes from the latest Edmonton Journal newsletter, and shows that according to the Fall 2010-11 NADbank results, “there are only 37,200 people who visit the Sun’s site exclusively each week.” It seems specifically calling out the Edmonton Sun isn’t common practice for The Journal, so I thought that was interesting.

  • Lots of great information in Marty Forbes’ column from October 31. He notes that NOW 102.3 recently received its 1-millionth text message since debuting just 18 months ago.

You can follow Edmonton media news on Twitter using the hashtag #yegmedia. For a great overview of the global media landscape, check out Mediagazer.

So, what have I missed? What’s new and interesting in the world of Edmonton media? Let me know!

You can see past Media Monday Edmonton entries here.

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