Edmonton Notes for 11/20/2011

Winter really arrived over the last week with lots of snow and icy cold temperatures. Looks like it’ll turn around this week though! Here are my Edmonton notes:

First weekday snowfall of 2011
The view on Monday evening

Here are some upcoming events worth noting:

Winter is here
Great winter shot of the Alberta Legislature building by Dave

3 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 11/20/2011

  1. Why do you wish that the Occupy folks would leave? (Honest question; I have no stake in this debate, other than an academic interest, but I am interested in hearing from both sides.)

    1. I don’t see their presence as resulting in anything positive. I’m concerned about the condition of the park, and as long as they are occupying it, that means nothing else can happen there. I think there are better ways for them to spread their message.

      1. Does much else normally happen in that park? In all of my years living/working downtown, I have almost never seen anything in that park, except for the odd homeless person.

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