Edmonton Notes for 2/12/2012

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

Such a cool shot of the Bay/Enterprise Square LRT Station by Alison Poole:

m i s s e d . . .

Here are some upcoming events:

6 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 2/12/2012

  1. Hey Mack,
    What a great photo! Do you think Alison would like to submit it for the Sense of Place series in the Saturday Style section of The Journal?

  2. I came across your mention this morning about ETS piloting new fare boxes and am curious if there has been any consultation with groups serving people with disabilities. I can see potential issues with this model since I personally (I’m a quad) have enough trouble dealing with coins as it is and can not use a vending machine (apparently the same mechanisms that these boxes will use) due to its set up.
    As it stands, I can’t even put money into the current boxes as they are out of reach for me, but if they are going to make an expensive change, two things need to be considered:
    a) people with reduced use of their hands–such as those with MS and spinal cord injuries– are likely to have difficulty inserting a coin at a time through a slot;
    b) if the city is going to be spending significant money on these boxes, I hope that they take people of all abilities into account and make the boxes easier to access, not harder.

    1. I agree with you – new boxes should take accessibility into consideration! Thanks for the comment, I have passed it along to ETS. I unfortunately am not sure if they have done any consultation already, or if that is intended to be part of the pilot.

      1. I forwarded this info to the MS Society and the CPA. They have representatives on some sort of access committee run by the city so will likely know whether it has been brought up or not.

  3. How typical your smug elitism is revealed by “I know you’ve all been waiting for this news: Walmart Canada plans to add five stores to Edmonton this year.”

    Most would say – wow, looks like the business model is working pretty well – low prices and more secure jobs in retail.

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