Edmonton Notes for 4/15/2012

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

Edmonton Clinic North (pano) 2012.04.15 small
Awesome panoramic of Edmonton Clinic North!

Here are some upcoming events to note:

5 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 4/15/2012

  1. The Food in the City conference does not exclude anyone from having a voice in the development of a food and agriculture strategy. The conference is one means of gathering the best ideas and thinking from Edmontonians on such a strategy. 

    The costs of running an actual conference versus a public involvement exercise means the City of Edmonton needs to charge a registration fee. Although the conference does have a public consultation component, the bulk of the conference is educational, where participants can learn about the latest research and best practices on food and agriculture issues. The conference is also a celebration of the innovative and ground-breaking work being done in our city to help build a resilient local food system. Given that those who attend will gain personal knowledge and experience, the City of Edmonton cannot fully subsidize personal attendance.
    Attendance at the conference is not the only way to get involved in the development of a food and agriculture strategy. Between now and the conference the City of Edmonton is conducting focus groups with stakeholders, as well as citizen panels being facilitated by the University of Alberta Centre for Public Involvement. Citizens can also respond to online questionnaires, blog posts and direct email. Over the coming weeks, results of research will be shared online when they become available. Following the conference there will be further opportunity for anyone to provide feedback on the draft strategy that is presented at the conference. Finally, when a draft strategy is ready to be reviewed by City Council, expected in the fall 2012, citizens will be able to share their views with Council. For all who care about food in the city you are invited to join us in the conversation. Go to www.edmonton.ca/foodandag .

    1. Either it’s a conference or a public involvement exercise, I don’t see how it can be both. By combining the two and charging the fee, it seems that you will almost certainly exclude people from that particular opportunity.

      Furthermore, the first mention of all of these surveys, citizen panels, and other efforts seems to have come only after people complained about the conference. I’m not suggesting that you didn’t have those planned ahead of time, but the public didn’t know about them. Perhaps launching a survey before announcing the conference would have been helpful.

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