Edmonton Notes for 4/29/2012

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

We have certainly had some wild weather recently, everything from sunny and warm to this:

Snowy Friday

But I guess that’s Edmonton for you!

Here are some upcoming events to note:

Due to construction of the North LRT to NAIT, the LRT is running on a slightly different schedule until September 1. Also, about one third of the Churchill Square LRT platform will be blocked off during that time. Here’s an overview of the North LRT to NAIT, including helicopter footage:

Sharon and I were out at the Shaw bright and early this morning for Edmonton’s eight Homeless Connect. We volunteered to do pre-registration and registration.

Homeless Connect Edmonton

There were an awful lot of volunteers there today, which is great! The event didn’t seem as busy as past ones in terms of clients, however.

2 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 4/29/2012

  1. That video of the LRT is kinda cool, but I don’t like how the aerial shots are not shot from the South pointing North. Means it took a while for me to get my bearings as people are so used to seeing maps and aerial footage (courtesy of Google Earth) from South looking North.

    Also, looking at it on YouTube, only 853 views since Oct 2011?! Seems like it’s very poorly distributed!

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