Media Monday Edmonton: Update #61

Here is my latest update on local media stuff:

You can follow Edmonton media news on Twitter using the hashtag #yegmedia. For a great overview of the global media landscape, check out Mediagazer.

So, what have I missed? What’s new and interesting in the world of Edmonton media? Let me know!

You can see past Media Monday Edmonton entries here.

UPDATE: Linda’s latest column looks at how social media lending a hand at Christmas.

7 thoughts on “Media Monday Edmonton: Update #61

  1. You’re brave Mac, comparing speed traps to checkstops… That debate was had many times on twitter.
    Basic jist was the police publish in the papers/on their website speed trap locations. Checkstops not so much.
    Amongst other reasons…

    And at a party, you’d never tell a drunk person who was about to get in their car to go a certain route so they avoid the checkstops you just saw, right? You’d more bring it up as a conversation piece rather than advice. The bar wasn’t trying to have a conversation, they were giving advice. And the only people who could benefit from that advice would be people drunk driving

    1. There are just so many assumptions being made. That drunk people are looking at Twitter. That they are actively wanting to avoid checkstops. That the tweet in question was actually accurate! I dunno, it just feels like people have made it into a bigger deal than it should be.
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      1. Drunk people certainly tweet (my feed is often a disaster after midnight on a weekend)
        Drunk people driving actively want to avoid checkstops (unless they’re so drunk, in which case the probably literally cannot drive)
        I am however assuming it was accurate. I’d imagine someone would have pointed out by now if it wasn’t (like the bar), so I’m assuming it was.

        It was a big deal, and a very stupid thing for them to do

      2. It’s bad enough that people tweet checkstops to each other, but for a bar to use their official Twitter account to do it is beyond the pale – regardless of how it happened. The wide broadcast of twitter is precisely why it differs from a party conversation (as an aside, I’ve never chatted with people at a party about checkstop locations – is this a common conversation topic?)

      3. Yeah maybe that was a bad example. I know I have mentioned to friends or family or whatever that I got held up at a checkstop, but it’s just small talk, not a major thing.

  2. “Let’s say I’m driving to a Christmas party and I come across a
    checkstop, then when I get to the party, I tell everyone about the
    checkstop. Twitter is just a bigger version of that party, in my
    opinion. Besides, radio stations talk about the location of speed traps
    all the time, how is this any different?”

    Two things – first, I don’t think radio stations should do it either. I hope the public opinion and the police statements about the nightclub gaffe will make radio station personnel re-think this custom.

    Then, the duty of care that I learned about in ProServe means that bar owners, servers, and other employees are expected to do what they can to see that bar patrons don’t endanger themselves or others on the way home. Anyone who works in or owns a bar in Alberta should have taken this course and should understand his or her legal responsibilities. If bar owners or workers had been persistent about tweeting out checkstop locations – or if they’d distributed that information widely in other ways, like having DJs announce them, offering text-message notification, or distributing an iPhone app, I imagine that the police would try more aggressively to make them stop, and prosecutors would be saving screenshots waiting for the next drunk driver to defend.

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