Edmonton Notes for 2/10/2013

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

6th Feb 2013
The Hamptons, photo by Fophotography.

Here are some upcoming events:

Cool shot of the CN and EPCOR Towers by Dejan Galetic.

5 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 2/10/2013

  1. Our CL did not sign the letter, but the bylaw being discussed is an omnibus that implements the infill guidelines AND some other stuff. By and large, it’s the “some other stuff” that the communities who signed are concerned about, such as changes to the rules that were not part of infill guidelines. They are particularly concerned that for the “some other stuff” there wasn’t enough consultation — an issue I’ve seen discussed on this blog more than once. A few members of Council have already expressed interest in separating the issues that need more discussion and letting the rest move forward.

    1. Yep, I definitely agree the consultation process is not great. Would be interesting to see if they do separate the issues. Guess we’ll find out!
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      1. Short point: Density good, lack of discussion bad.

        Long point: As a signatory to the letter, on behalf of the Strathcona Centre Community League, Chris has it right. My league’s concern was the rush to implement a whole lot of new rules and guidelines that never had public discussion. As the letter’s creator stated at council, there’s a public consultation process that just doesn’t seem to be understood or followed by some City departments, or all some of the time.

        The residential infill guidelines are overdue, and I would love more density done right in Strathcona and older neighbourhoods. But this bylaw change goes far beyond those, and there are a number of sections that could be pulled out and discussed in more detail without slowing down infill. The City staff focusing on residential infill, and the actual consultation that went into that, is an attempt to divert attention from the lack of conversation on a lot of other items in this omnibus bylaw. It’s not a NIMBY issue with older neighbourhoods fighting for single-family homes, it’s people wanting a bit of time to find the right plan for Edmonton.

        In a related note, the EFCL mentioned at its most recent general meeting it’s hearing from the City that it, and leagues, are getting too pushy or political on some zoning issues. That could really be avoided if the City opened up the discussion before tabling plans that aren’t up for (much) change.

  2. Mack: the 23 avenue was built on time and on budget according to the contract that was eventually awarded and in place. The increases to which you are referring occurred between preliminary estimates and the actual tenders and contracts. I think the city is accurate here.

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