Edmonton Election 2013: Update #1

The format seems to work well for my weekly Edmonton and Media notes, so I’m starting a weekly series for the election. Thursday evenings will be the day, mainly because that’s when you can expect to have a #yegvote Hangout at EdmontonPolitics.com.

Tonight was our third Hangout and our first with a special guest! We spent some time talking with Aliza Dadani, founder of ActivatED, a self-described group of “concerned, young forward-thinking Edmontonians.” Here’s some coverage they got recently from Metro. You can watch the video at YouTube:

Here are this week’s notes:


I decided to put Dave’s declared candidate data into a spreadsheet. There are currently 6 mayoral candidates, 47 ward candidates, 16 public school board candidates, and 11 Catholic school board candidates. That compares to 7, 62, 24, and 20 on nomination day in 2010. Here’s the mayoral and ward races broken down by gender:

Some forum and other event dates to note:

You can follow Edmonton Election news on Twitter using the hashtag #yegvote and you can see my coverage here.

What have I missed? Let me know!

Disclosure: I’m actively volunteering for Don Iveson’s mayoral campaign.

One thought on “Edmonton Election 2013: Update #1

  1. Please let there be another candidate in Ward 8. Ben “let’s spend” Henderson has represented Darryl Katz well but that’s about it.

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