Edmonton Election 2013: Candidates capture the moment on Twitter

Just as I did in 2010, I wanted to capture on one page the tweets that candidates sent out upon hearing the election results. Not everyone tweeted Monday night – some didn’t post anything until the following day. In some cases, candidates sent out a couple tweets – one to congratulate the winner and another to thank their volunteers – so I have included both where appropriate.

With so many candidates on Twitter, it’ll be really interesting to see how they document their four-year term. Enjoy!

  • Emily Batty

    Wow, Ms. Jalkanen’s tweet really stands out. It’s fine (even encouraged!) to disagree with the opinions or direction of city council, but you can’t build a platform on negativity alone. Or at least, you shouldn’t. I’m happy for the people of Ward 2!

    • Jenn

      Yes, it does! It’s not about “her”, though – what’s with the quote marks?