Edmonton Notes for 11/10/2013

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

UAlberta Impact

Here are some upcoming events:

Farmfair International: 40th Anniversary

3 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 11/10/2013

    1. In my opinion it takes too long to get from pilot to implementation with many of the projects the City undertakes. In this case especially, Calgary has been running the same system for years, and I think it’s vastly superior to our existing system. I don’t see what another few months is going to teach us, and it delays fuller implementation.

      1. So is your issue with pilot projects in general or this one in particular? I don’t automatically jump to the conclusion that what works in Calgary will automatically work here, and I’m not convinced that doing so is a wise use of taxpayer money. Calgary was an early adopter of the tech; in the time since they started, new products may have come to market which are better and which can be implemented here because we haven’t made costly initial investment. The pilot was supposed to go from June to November (6 months, according to the page you linked to). It’s now going through January. An extra two months is not the end of the world; yes, it will be nice to plug your parking meter with a cell phone but in the interim you have to carry a couple of loonies around in your car, big whoop. It is unlikely to delay implementation because implementation wouldn’t happen until it’s warmer anyway and not until there’s a budget in place. And it puts the pilot through some of the coldest months of the year to see how well the technology works in a place that doesn’t get relief from chinooks throughout the winter months. I don’t see a lot of downside to this.

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