Edmonton Notes for 11/17/2013

Each week my Edmonton Notes bring together a collection of what I think are interesting local stories, and events coming up in the next week. I generally put what I think is the most important or interesting story at the top of the list, and sometimes I’ll write a little more about it. I’d like to expand on that going forward, with an audio or video clip that provides a bit more information or additional thoughts. This week is the first attempt (so let me know if you have any feedback).

Evolving Infill Launches

This week’s highlighted story is the launch of the Evolving Infill project. It aims to advance residential infill in Edmonton’s established neighbourhoods, and will take place over the next few months. Here’s an audio feature on the Evolving Infill launch:


Upcoming Events

Premier Redford addresses the 2013 AAMDC Convention
Premier Redford addressed the 2013 AAMDC Convention at the Shaw Conference Centre on Thursday

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2 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 11/17/2013

  1. The 35% injured and killed when jaywalking is just under 110 people in 2012, so a jaywalking campaign is hardly “silly.” But that’s not the full story: the risk of injury or death is far higher when jaywalking than it is when crossing at a light. Numbers are skewed because most people do cross at intersections.

    1. Let me add: “silly without a similar campaign targeted at drivers.” Why only go after pedestrians? Sure there’s the “share the road” campaign, but there’s nothing targeted specifically at those behind the wheel.

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