Edmonton Notes for 12/1/2013

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes!

Heavy Users of Service Project

A two-year initiative called the Heavy Users of Service project will “monitor some of the city’s most frequent users of social, medical, criminal and justice services with the goal of identifying and bridging gaps in service provision and treatment.” It was launched on Friday by EPS and is a collaboration between fourteen organizations. Here are a few quick thoughts on the project:


The City Centre Airport is now officially closed. The lights on runway 12-30 went off just before 5pm on Saturday, November 30, with crews installing giant white Xs shortly after. I’ll have more on the closure in an upcoming post. In the meantime, you can check out a few more photos here.

City Centre Airport Closure

Upcoming Events


2 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 12/1/2013

  1. As someone who sees/deals with these heavy users almost everyday (our business is in McCauley), this is a great idea, and why stop at 50 people?

    Yes, we need to deal with the root cause, but you still have to treat the symptoms, because dealing with the root cause isn’t going to help the heavy users that much. They have already grown up in a lifestyle that results in addiction, abuse and terrible decision making skills.

    We had a women at our building who asked us to call her an ambulance. Did she need one? I don’t think so. Could we say no? Of course not. Was it a colossal waste of time and money? Very much so.

    1. No doubt, there are efficiencies to be found, and certainly we need to continue treating the symptoms. But I don’t think we have historically put enough emphasis on root causes, and I think we should keep that in mind, that’s all.

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