Edmonton Notes for 9/7/2014

This week I have been collecting links to articles, news releases, and blog posts using the new curation functionality at ShareEdmonton. You can see my links here. Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:


Alberta Progressive Conservative leadership event, 2014
Jim Prentice wins the leadership of Alberta’s PC Party, photo by Dave

Upcoming Events

Tour of Alberta 2014
Tour of Alberta 2014, photo by IQRemix

2 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 9/7/2014

  1. I find the high frequency transit idea when you examine the link, really bad. Southwood is a perfect example. Both current routes have about the same ridership. Eliminating them both for one route for higher frequency makes little difference in that area due to density and lifestyle. But to make it worse, you further alienate riders by wiping out half of Southwood from easy access to transit. In the winter time, that extra couple to 5 minutes could mean severe frostbite, especially for youth who are a large proportion of riders. Not even to mention this would add double the stress to an already overloaded DATS service.

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