Edmonton Notes for 1/25/2015

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:


Agreement targets new Municipal Government Act in 2016
Mayors Iveson & Nenshi talk with Premier Prentice

Upcoming Events

All Eyes on the Big Build!!
All Eyes on the Big Build! by Jeff Wallace

One thought on “Edmonton Notes for 1/25/2015

  1. I glanced at that food desert study link, and concluded that it’s a load of bull. Supermarkets – given their size – are located near major roads that normally form the boundary of a neighbourhood. By counting distances from the center of a neighbourhood, some neighbourhoods with supermarkets withing their boundaries are counted in the >2km range. I see at least Oliver, Downtown, and West Jasper Place in this category, and there’s probably others. So the 109 St Save-on, which is walking distance for many people in Oliver and Downtown apparently provides neither with a walking-distance supermarket.

    Really, it’s a great example of how you can manipulate your methodology to arrive at a desired conclusion.

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