Edmonton Notes for 5/31/2015

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:


Found this while looking through Flickr for recent Edmonton photos. It’s not every day you see Edmonton on the side of a ship! I’m not sure why it was named “Edmonton” but I know it was built in 2011 (in South Korea as most of these ships are), navigates the Panama Canal, and is one of the 100 largest container ships in the world. Photo by Kees Torn.

Upcoming Events

City Market
There are only a couple weeks left for asparagus at the market, so don’t delay!

3 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 5/31/2015

  1. We have a sister city in South Korea. Perhaps that’s where the inspiration is from. There’s also a Canadian naval scout ship called Edmonton serving on the East coast. There’s a model of it by the chamber doors at City Hall, and a painting of it on the main floor near the multifaith display.

    1. It may have been built in SK, but Maersk is a Danish shipping company. Cool to see though.

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