Recaplets: What the Truck, Edmonton Rush, MADJAM

My list of things to write about is always longer than I can manage, so from time to time I find it helpful to do some mini recaps, or recaplets. Here’s the latest edition:

What the Truck?!

Hard to believe we’re already in our fifth year, but it’s true! Our team of organizers has grown to seven this year, with the addition of Katherine, Mikhaila, and Su.

We’ve hosted two events already this year, with another three to go. Our season kicked off on May 23 at Churchill Square and thanks in part to amazing weather, we had record attendance. Sharon recapped it here, and even with more than 20 events under our belts, we’re still learning about things we can do better.

What the Truck?! at Churchill Square

Our second event took place on Sunday and was a much quieter affair, but it was our first attempt at brunch and we were just thankful it didn’t rain on us! We loved the location though, at 108 Street right in front of the Federal Building, so I think it’s safe to say we’ll try to return there again next season.

Our next three events are taking place on July 10 at Northlands Park, August 22 at TELUS Field, and September 11 back in Churchill Square. Hope to see you there!

Edmonton Rush win the NLL Champions Cup

I know I have already mentioned the big Edmonton Rush victory in my Edmonton notes, but I wanted to expand on it a little.

Edmonton Rush win NLL Champions Cup

Winning the title is always the goal but winning at home? You couldn’t have asked for a better ending to the 10th anniversary season. For me, the victory was made even sweeter as I was in the crowd with my brother. We have been attending Rush games since the very beginning. Actually since before the beginning, as we went to the training camp back in 2005 too! We travelled down to Calgary to witness the first ever Edmonton Rush victory in 2006 and while that was amazing, winning the title is something else.

Edmonton Rush 2015 Western Final

Here’s what owner Bruce Urban wrote:

“Ten years of blood, sweat and tears have amounted to this, our first Champions Cup title in team history. We’ve had to make some moves over the years, trades that haven’t been easy, but we did so knowing that we were building a championship calibre team, one that Edmonton could be proud of.”

I’m not sure if the Rush will remain in Edmonton, but I hope they do. There are lots of reasons it would make sense for the Oilers Entertainment Group to own the team, but it seems that ship may have sailed. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed being a fan for the last ten years and look forward to many more victories!


Back in early May I stopped by the finals of the second MADJAM event of the year, called the GDX Super Jam. You can read the full event summary here. At each of the MADJAM events, game developers have as little as 24 hours or as long as a week to build a game from scratch.

MADJAM April 25, 2015

There were 33 participants and 7 games involved in the GDX Super Jam. They had a week, and while some people spent 2-3 hours per day, others spent significantly more. It all paid off though as every team gets thorough, constructive feedback from the judges on how to improve (in addition to some great prizes).

The winning team was Nick Samoli and Jeremy Burns who built a game called “No One Was Here”. The judges praised their music, among other things. I talked to them afterward and while they put in a ton of effort, they wished they had had an artist on the team. Looking forward to seeing what they build next!

MADJAM April 25, 2015

The next MADJAM event is coming up in July at K Days. Participants will have a week and the winners will get admission for the last three days of the festival. Stop by and check out the incredible budding game developers we have here in Edmonton!

Bonus Notes

This was my first year as an attendee of Eat Alberta, after being a member of the organizing team. Sharon and I had a great time, which you can read about here. The organizing team did a great job!

After a few years of helping out with the digital side of the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts, I have decided to step away from that committee. I enjoyed working with everyone there and am excited to see what they come up with for 2016. I look forward to keeping my attendance streak alive next year! Here’s my recap of the 2015 event.

I’ve got at least one more year to go as a member of the Edmonton Food Council. We announced our newest members a few weeks ago, and we just had our first meeting with the entire group last week. At that meeting we learned a lot about the food processing industry here in Edmonton, very interesting stuff. I feel like we have a decent foundation in place now, so hopefully we can take the Council forward more publicly in the year ahead.

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