Media Monday Edmonton: Update #159

Here’s my latest update on local media stuff:

  • The latest radio ratings for Edmonton have been released by Numeris, and once again, NOW! 102.3 FM leads the pack. Their lead over CBC Radio 1 has increased from 0.3 to 1.8 points. Once again in third is Capital FM though they are now tied with 630 CHED. The biggest increase seems to be for 91.7 The Bounce at 1.3 points, though that still only takes them to 9th place in the busy Edmonton market.
  • Marty Forbes has a few additional thoughts on the radio ratings and here is the Puget Sound Radio post.
  • The latest edition of Postscript looks at the decisions journalists had to make in covering the shooting of Const. Daniel Woodall.
  • John Archer confirmed on Tuesday that he has joined the Premier’s office here in Alberta and is no longer at CBC Edmonton. He’s the latest in a string of local media folks who have jumped over to communications for the Province including Laurie Callsen (Metro), Leah Holoiday (Metro), and Cheryl Oates (Global).
  • Here’s more on Archer’s move from David Climenhaga: “Mr. Archer was the president of the Alberta Legislative Press Gallery. As a Legislative reporter, he was known as a tough questioner who refused to accept the usual evasions favoured by politicians of all stripes and bureaucrats of many varieties.”
  • Crystal Darche is the new midday host for 92.5 Fresh FM as of Monday. She joins the station from Vancouver.
  • Both Global Edmonton and CTV Edmonton held their fall launch events in the last week. You can learn more about Global’s lineup here and CTV’s lineup here.
  • Liane Faulder reports that Battista’s Calzone Company will be featured on an upcoming episode of Food Network Canada’s You Gotta Eat Here. They’ll be filming on July 6.
  • This is a neat story. Longmou Li is the colour commentator for CCTV, the Chinese state broadcaster, and he got his start right here in Edmonton.
  • The Journal’s Press Gallery podcast has a new host! Brett Wittmeier takes over for Sarah O’Donnell.
  • In her latest local blog roundup, Karen notes this post from Owen Brierley: A Heliocentric Model of Transmedia. He spoke about the topic at the Banff World Media Festival three years ago and is revisiting the ideas now.
  • This is pretty funny: Global Edmonton’s Shaye Ganam and Erin Chalmers can’t keep it together when they see the video of a little girl accidentally getting hit in the head by one of the queen’s guards.
  • Another big scandal for CBC. This time Evan Solomon was fired for allegedly using his to position to profit from the sale of valuable art. “The string of scandals has created a journalistic crisis at the country’s public broadcaster, once widely respected for the balance and integrity of its current affairs broadcasting.”
  • On Friday, “a coalition of professional associations, unions and media organizations” launched an ad campaign called JournalismIS to highlight “the value and benefits of professional journalism.” The campaign is sponsored by The Globe and Mail, Postmedia, Bell Media, Winnipeg Free Press, Ryerson School of Journalism, and many others.
  • CNBC reports that Rupert Murdoch will step down as CEO of 21st Century Fox, handing the job to his son James.
  • How important is mobile to the New York Times? Important enough that they are blocking staff from accessing the newspaper’s website via desktops for the week. “The New York Times isn’t encouraging staff to think about mobile, they’re forcing them to consume content via smartphones — and it’s brilliant.”

You can follow Edmonton media news on Twitter using the hashtag #yegmedia. For a great overview of the global media landscape, check out Mediagazer.

So, what have I missed? What’s new and interesting in the world of Edmonton media? Let me know!

You can see past Media Monday Edmonton entries here.

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