Edmonton Notes for 6/14/2015

Just got back from the Ed Sheeran concert with Sharon. “That story wasn’t going anywhere, I just wanted to tell you I went to the big mall,” he said after sharing that he visited West Edmonton Mall today. He also remarked on how far people drive here in Canada. Yup.

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:


Feel the Wind
Feel the Wind, photo by Jeff Wallace

Upcoming Events

Edmonton Pride 2015-8450-2
Edmonton Pride, photo by Jamie Provencal

I had a rough week due to illness. Better now than the middle of summer I guess! Fortunately I was well enough today for What the Truck?! at Capital Boulevard. The rain held off and we had a solid event. Thanks to everyone who came out!

4 thoughts on “Edmonton Notes for 6/14/2015

  1. Thanks for organizing the What the Truck? Event Mack. You and the volunteers did a great job. And it was great to finally meet one of my favourite bloggers i.e. you and say hi.

  2. Ken Block will be delighted to hear about his promotion to Edmonton Rice Chief. Is there a deputy position open? I do love rice. 😉

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