Coming up at City Council: February 29 – March 4, 2016

Moe Banga was sworn in as the new Councillor for Ward 12 at City Hall yesterday. He handily won Monday’s by-election, earning nearly twice as many votes as his nearest competitor. “City building is a team sport,” said Mayor Iveson at the ceremony. “So it’s very exciting to welcome a new member to our team.” He also offered some advice to the new councillor. “You represent the people of Ward 12, but you serve the entire community.”

Moe Banga Swearing In Ceremony
New Ward 12 Councillor Moe Banga

Here’s my look at what Council will be discussing in the week ahead.

Meetings this week

You can always see the latest City Council meetings on ShareEdmonton.

Stanley Milner Library Renewal

A recent update on the Stanley Milner Library Renewal project says that EPL has already raised $3.7 million, including “a lead gift from a significant donor.” The total cost of the project is estimated to be $62.5 million, and EPL has committed to raising $10 million from community partners by 2020. The City of Edmonton is contributing the rest of the funding. Bylaw 17572 is being considered this week and will authorize the City to borrow $51,498,000 to “undertake, construct and finance” the Stanley Milner Library Renewal project.

epl stanley milner renewal

The new building will be “open and airy, with much more natural light, a larger children’s library and Makerspace, and a two-storey tall interactive video screen” reports Metro Edmonton. Elise Stolte reports that the new building will also feature a daycare space, three new community meeting spaces, and a much larger cafe.

Draft Policy on Enterprise Risk Management

The Audit Committee has recommended that the Enterprise Risk Management Policy C587 be approved, and that Administration report on progress by the end of the year and again in Q2 next year. Here’s the policy statement:

“The management of corporate risks through a formal enterprise risk management framework and process is key to the fulfillment of Edmonton City Council’s goals for the City of Edmonton. City Council and the City Manager share the responsibility for creating a corporate culture and philosophy that encourages identification, evaluation, and reporting of corporate risks and risk mitigation strategies.”

There’s also an Administrative Directive that says the City is “committed to identifying, assessing, managing, and reporting on enterprise risk associated with the City’s business and strategic goals in a systematic, consistent and transparent manner.”

The policy was discussed by Council last June, and is largely based on Calgary and Saskatoon’s enterprise risk management policies. If Council approves the policy, future reports that require a Council decision will include a risk section.

McDougall United Church as a Municipal Historic Resource

If Council approves this bylaw to make the church a Municipal Historic Resource, a total of $500,000 will be allocated from the Heritage Reserve Fund to pay for rehabilitation efforts. The church has also been designated as a Provincial Historic Resource and Alberta Culture has committed $750,000 to help rehabilitate the building. The total estimated cost of restoration and rehabilitation is in the range of $11 million to $16 million.

McDougall Methodist Church, Edmonton, Alberta
McDougall Methodist Church, photo courtesy jasonwoodhead23

Here’s what the Heritage Planner’s Statement of Significance says:

“The heritage value of McDougall United Church rests in its association with the establishment of early religious institutions in Alberta. It is further significant as an example of early twentieth-century ecclesiastical architecture, and for its identity as a landmark cultural facility in Edmonton.”

The earliest church on the site was “a modest wood structure” built in 1873 by Reverend George McDougall. In 1892, a second wood-frame church was built. The current structure was erected in 1910. “Over the course of its history, McDougall United Church has served not only as a place for religious worship, but also as an important social and cultural centre.”

Other interesting items

  • The Hawrelak Park Water Play Feature is in need of $1.8 million from the River Valley Trail and Park Renewal capital profile. The concept that Council supported in 2013 has “undergone significant redesign due to a change in location” and that has caused the budget to grow.
  • Bylaw 17531 will amend the Business License Bylaw to implement three of the recommendations put forward by the Body Rub Centres Task Force: new license application requirements will be added, two employees must be present at all times and one must be a manager, and practitioners may work at more than one location under a single license.
  • Community Services Committee has recommended that the CIOG award recommendations be approved. A total of $3,546,490 is being provided to 225 not-for-profit organizations in Edmonton.
  • At Executive Committee this week, Council reluctantly decided to approve the environmental review for the funicular. That means the project will move forward with a targeted completion date of 2017.
  • The terms of reference for the new Active Transportation Council Initiative are ready for approval, with Councillors Henderson and Knack leading the project.
  • Bylaw 17536 and Bylaw 17274 will allow for a new Stormwater Management Facility at 2403 51 Avenue NW.
  • Council will receive an update on the City Manager Recruitment effort on Wednesday.


You can keep track of City Council on Twitter using the #yegcc hashtag, and you can listen to or watch any Council meeting live online. You can read my previous coverage of the 2013-2017 City Council here.

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