Media Monday Edmonton: Update #213

Here’s my latest update on local media stuff:

CTV Edmonton’s “So you want to be an anchor?” at K-Days

And here is some slightly less local media stuff:

  • I meant to link to this last month: the crowdfunding campaign to launch The Calgarian ended with only a third of the pledges needed to continue. “Someone asked if I regretted starting this, since it cost me my job and failed in the end. I have to say I do not. It may have been a long-shot, but I believed it had a chance at success. If I hadn’t attempted this, I would have always wondered what might have been,” wrote Taylor Lambert, the man behind the project.
  • Just in time for the Olympics, TELUS is launching 4K on Optik TV in BC and Alberta. “Customers will require a 4K TV, a 4K PVR, as well as a minimum of Internet 50 to support 4K streaming.” You can learn more here.
  • Yahoo has agreed to sell its web businesses, including the purple brand and exclamation point, to Verizon for $4.8 billion. CEO Marissa Mayer is staying on for now. That means Verizon will own both AOL and Yahoo!
  • The Washington Post is going to adapt some of its stories for Medium. “One of Medium’s big draws is its emphasis on getting users to engage with the posts they read,” notes NiemanLab.
  • I guess we should prepare ourselves for more sponsored content: 75% of The Atlantic’s ad revenue and about 50% of Slate’s ad revenue come from the format, and others like the Times “have declared sponsored content to be an important part of their strategies.”

You can follow Edmonton media news on Twitter using the hashtag #yegmedia. For a great overview of the global media landscape, check out Mediagazer.

So, what have I missed? What’s new and interesting in the world of Edmonton media? Let me know!

You can see past Media Monday Edmonton entries here.

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