Media Monday Edmonton: Update #348

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Local updates from the Media Roundup

Here are a few select updates from today’s Media Roundup:

  • IABC Edmonton announced the winners of the 2019 Capital Awards on Friday, May 24. A total of 58 awards of excellence and 27 awards of merit were recognized. DDB Edmonton led with seven awards.
  • Joel Gotlib, who “parted ways” with CTV Edmonton last year, has revealed a seven-year battle with prescription painkillers. “Gotlib sometimes suffered panic attacks while he was live on the CTV Edmonton anchor desk. In the newsroom, the pill bottle was never far away.”
  • J.J. Hebert has been dismissed by the Edmonton Oilers. He had served as Senior Director of Hockey Communications and Media Relations since 2003.
  • “I suppose we should never attribute to mischief what can be explained by incompetence,” says David Climenhaga about the Edmonton Journal’s recent editorial arguing in favor of keeping the carbon tax.
  • Senator Paula Simons spoke with CBC about what Postmedia’s efforts to work for Alberta premier Jason Kenney’s “energy war room” means for journalism. “It is very difficult for hardworking, really strong journalists to do their work with credibility when in the public mind people say, ‘Yeah, but your paper is helping the premier produce propaganda,'” Simons said.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Media-related updates from elsewhere

And here is some non-local media news that I found interesting this week:

  • VC firm Andreessen Horowitz has shared a detailed post called investing in the podcast ecosystem in 2019. “We’re interested in investing in the next wave of consumer products and startups coming into the ecosystem, and that includes the audio ecosystem.”
  • In a new interview on the Recode Decode podcast, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams says: “I think there is a better version of social media to be invented and I don’t know if that will happen incrementally, because there’s lots of smart people trying to evolve these systems at these massive companies, or if it will happen with just completely new paradigms and new ideas that come along.”
  • Comcast has agreed to sell its 33% stake in Hulu to Disney in 2024 for at least $27.5 billion. Vox explains the Hulu/Disney/Comcast divorce.
  • At USA Today, Todd Gitlin argues that “journalism that ducks the climate emergency withers into a distraction machine.” He highlights The Guardian’s daily CO2 count as climate news you can use.
  • A new study from the Pew Research Center found that men are overrepresented in the images U.S. news organizations use in news tories posted to Facebook.

Follow Edmonton media news using the hashtag #yegmedia and be sure to check out Mediagazer for the latest media news from elsewhere. You can see past Media Monday Edmonton entries here. If you have a tip or suggestion for future updates, let me know.

At Taproot Edmonton we’re working hard to ensure that local journalism has a future in our city. Join us to be part of the movement.

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