Media Monday Edmonton: Update #377

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Local updates from the Media Roundup

Here are a few select updates from today’s Media Roundup, written and curated by Linda Hoang:

  • Rebel News Network is counter-suing Edmonton writer Bashir Mohamed with a $150,000 "SLAPP" suit (strategic lawsuit against public participation). The move comes after Mohamed launched legal action against RNN in December for failing to remove a video and articles that he says "contains numerous lies and was intended to harass me and cast me as a violent person." Mohamed has raised over $30,000 in a crowdfunding campaign to help cover legal fees for the suit.
  • "The time is now for the Alberta government to cut its losses and put an end to this experiment," Global News Radio talk show host Rob Breakenridge writes in a column about the Canadian Energy Centre.
  • The Stony Plain Road BIA is launching a new community newspaper called The SPANN: Stony Plain Road & Area News Network. Paula Kirman, editor of the Boyle McCauley News has announced that she will be the new editor/consultant for The SPANN, which will serve Canora, Glenwood, Britannia-Youngstown, and West Jasper Place-Sherwood.
  • Moira Wyton announced that she is leaving the Edmonton Journal. "I’ll make you proud in my next step (more on that soon)," she tweeted.
  • Janet French has moved on from her legislative role at the Edmonton Journal. She is now the provincial affairs reporter at CBC Edmonton.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Media-related updates from elsewhere

Here are some non-local media links that I found interesting this week:

  • A cross-industry, cross-country group of media companies have issued a joint letter asking for Parliament to address the "threat" against "the future of a vibrant media ecosystem in Canada."
  • The New Yorker is launching a new weekly email newsletter dedicated to climate change. It will be "written by perhaps the biggest name in environmental journalism, Bill McKibben."
  • CJR and The Delacorte Review have published The Year of Fear, "the story of four towns that have little in common but the loss of the newspapers they once knew."
  • Netflix is adding a new feature "that will rank the 10 most popular programs on its service in your country," reports TechCrunch.
  • A new digital magazine called The Current is a publication of Jigsaw, a unit of Google previously known as Google Ideas. The inaugural edition is "mostly a cursory overview of disinformation, alongside brief descriptions of some tools that Google has used to combat the problem, gussied up with a coat of digital paint," writes Mathew Ingram.

Follow Edmonton media news using the hashtag #yegmedia and be sure to check out Mediagazer for the latest media news from elsewhere. You can see past Media Monday Edmonton entries here. If you have a tip or suggestion for future updates, let me know.

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