Edmonton Notes for July 12, 2020

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:


Whitemud Creek
Whitemud Creek, photo by Kurt Bauschardt

Upcoming Events (July 13-19)

The vast majority of upcoming events have been cancelled or postponed. If you’re unsure, just stay home – especially if you’re feeling sick.

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One thought on “Edmonton Notes for July 12, 2020

  1. I’m so sorry to see that my Canadian friends are suffering from the same difficulties as many in America are. Defunding the police, talks about changing the name of a sports team to avoid being politically incorrect, inconsistencies in how politicians determine who must stay home and who can do whatever they want. It would seem that COCID-19 has brought more than a viral pandemic to our shores. People seem to have come unglued over things that used to only get a wink and a wry grin. Some call it being “woke” while others call it insanity. Hard to tell which is right and which is nonsense these days. Stay safe, my Candian friend. I will never forget Edmonton. It was a wonderful place to visit, and I have some good memories from that great city out in the middle of nowhere in Alberta.

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