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Paramagnus in AlbertaVenture

If you pick up a copy of the July/August issue of AlbertaVenture magazine, you’ll find an article titled Entrepreneurial Idol, which is all about VenturePrize. While I think that title is better suited to the upcoming Dragon’s Den on CBC, the article is still really good. Indeed one of my favorite memories from the entire… Reads more »

Interviewed on the DNIC Podcast

I was interviewed about a week ago by John Bristowe who publishes the Developer Night in Canada podcast (gotta love that name!) and the episode is now up. We talked about podcasting in general, about Paramagnus and our products, how we use .NET development, a little about the .NET community in Edmonton, and a little… Reads more »

Featured in ExpressNews

Dickson did an interview recently with a reporter from the University of Alberta’s ExpressNews, and the article featuring Paramagnus and our business plan competition success is now up: A couple of University of Alberta students are starting to hear the sweet sounds of success. The business world has been tuning in to Mack Male and… Reads more »

Podcasting with .NET and Paramagnus

[This post originally appeared at the Canadian Developers blog on MSDN, so check it out, it’s a great blog. For those of you who might consider parts of this post somewhat dated, that’s because it was written a couple weeks ago!] If you’re a .NET developer in Canada, you’ve probably already heard of Plumbers at… Reads more »