Edmonton Oilers Awesome Game!

Well tonight’s game in Edmonton against the Atlanta Thrashers was one of the most spirited games I have seen the Oilers play in a long time. They came out flying in the first period, and entering the third period had a 2-1 lead. That’s where things got interesting…

Not only did they score two goals in the third to take a 4-1 lead, they participated in probably the largest runble of the season. After all was said and done, there was 184 penalty minutes as a result of the scrum. You can see the official NHL superstats for more.

Sutton is a wuss, and when he had the chance to fight Laraque passed. He then went after Brewer, so we know what Sutton is made of (not that Brewer is a small guy, just no Georges). Everyone on the ice at the time got into the action – even the goalies! A stroke of genius by Conklin to leave the net and fight Nurminen as Atlanta lost their other goalie to injury earlier in the game (meaning that with Nurminen’s game misconduct, Atlanta had no goalie for the last 2 minutes).

The best part was definitiely Bishai’s fight with Aubin. Bishai ended up on the Atlanta bench and landed four or five excellent punches – FROM THE BENCH! Hemsky got the empty net goal at the end, so the Oilers won with a final score of 5-1.

Now I hope the Oilers keep up the intensity and move up the standings in the last part of the season!


Well in case you hadn’t heard, Pixar and Disney ended discussions to extend their current motion picture deal. This means that “The Incredibles” and “Cars” will be the last two Pixar films to be distributed by Disney (at least for now). You can read the official Pixar press release here.

So what does this mean? Well everyone I know loves the Pixar movies, every single one of them! In a way I think this is good, because Pixar is the brilliance behind Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo, etc, yet Disney seems to get a lot of the credit. Now we will see that it is ALL Pixar.

A related story out today is that Comcast has offered $66 billion to merge with Disney. Anyone else smell the end of an entertainment era?

For a good time…

Anyone remember going into the washrooms in high school, and reading “for a good time, call…”? Or maybe you don’t have to remember, go into any public washroom today and you are sure to find it scrawled on the wall!

Anyways…I am glad Dickson started blogging. But you have to check out his blog. It reminds me of reading that message – nice and explicit! It really is Dickson’s House of Love! I cannot wait until we drag more people into the blogosphere.

[Listening to: Kidfried – Don Davis – Matrix Revolutions (04:50)]

Mike Rowe needs to grow up!

If I lived wherever Mike Rowe does, I would hunt him down and teach him a lesson! Please, this is just plain sad. Talk about milking your 15 minutes for all it’s worth. After I was done teaching him a lesson, I would hunt down all FIFTY FIVE bidders (as of the time of this post) and do the same to them!

Why would you sell something like that? And even more unfathomable, why would you want to buy it? My “chance to own a piece of Internet history”? Are you insane? The whole mikerowsoft issue is a minor blip, just screaming to be forgotton.

I also think its quite funny that he has no eBay feedback rating, yet won’t accept bids from anyone with a zero rating. He claims this is so he can verify intentions. Good luck! I can’t wait to see what the winner does with this…