Imagine Cup 2004 Team Site

Tonight I setup the site for our Imagine Cup 2004 team from the University of Alberta. Our team members are myself and Dickson Wong again, plus two new additions – Ashish Patel and Greg Hartley! We are in the “ideas phase” still working out just what it is exactly we want to do. So if you have any, send them my way!

Dickson and I won last year’s Canadian competition and went to Barcelona, Spain for the Imagine Cup. It was awesome! You can read about it at our new 2004 team site (there are links) at

Social Aspects of the Blog

I am extremely interested in blogs and how they are changing the way we interact. For one thing, they have changed the technology behind the web, I would be interested to see how many people get their news via an RSS feed of some sort nowadays. Blogs are also changing social interactions however, as explained in this excellent post by Jonathon Delacour.

“Since 95 percent of people are imitators and only five percent initiators, people are persuaded more by the actions of others than by any proof we can offer.”

If you have any links to blogs and their social ramifications, let me know!

Master & Commander

Well first of all, my parents are back home, so that means I have to study for exams! I am so looking forward to the 16th…

Master and Commander on Saturday was fun! The movie itself was good, slow in places, but it definitely had its moments! And the visuals are quite nice, although I guess if you get seasick you might not enjoy it so much. The only thing it left me wondering was just exactly how accurate everything was. The ending was really good, makes you smile πŸ™‚


It seems my aggregator needs a little more work! I will work on it, again if anyone has a suggestion, let me know.

Two things to note today, my parents arrived from the blizzardy north (seriously, the plane almost didn’t leave Inuvik) and today was the last day of classes (not that it matters, we all know I never attend class). All that is left now are two labs and final exams!

The Microsoft .NET hands on labs went quite well the last three days, I like teaching better than participating methinks!

Finally, I am going to see Master and Commander on Saturday, supposed to be good, but I bet you cant guess who I am going with!


Long time no blog! It has been an extremely busy month, even though I thought it wouldn’t be that bad. Anyhow, lots of things happening!

I attended the Heritage Hockey Classic on Saturday (thanks Megan) which was totally awesome! And yes, it was very, very cold, but it was definitely worth it. Aside from the hockey itself, the Snowbirds and the F-18 which flew over the stadium were definitely a highlight. Oh, and if you ever use those hotshots (little heat packets) make sure you open them in a warm room! Exposing them to cold air doesn’t seem to work 😦

Today is the Academic Tour event for Edmonton! I have no idea what the attendence will be like, but I hope everything goes smoothly. Further to that,Β I want to launch the new site shortly, so watch for an update on that!

Also, sometime this month I happened to see Matrix Revolutions a third and final time, completed a pretty big project for CMPUT 301, and got the Edmonton .NET Wizards registered as a non-profit organization with Dickson.

Happy Birthday Jane!

Well this birthday gets a special post because Yi-Li has created one of the coolest ideas for a birthday present! He has made a website for Jane at (which I host, heh) so go check it out! So Happy Birthday Jane!

In other news, the Eskimos won the western conference final and will play Montreal in the rematch of last year’s Grey Cup.Β And I finally saw Finding Nemo (at Jane’s last nite)…pretty good movie, still not as good as Monsters Inc πŸ™‚

Matrix Timeline

Perhaps the greatest disappointment Revolutions provided me was the fact that the trilogy is now over. Or is it? Run a quick search for ‘Matrix Revolutions’ at Google News, and you will find more than enough reviews and commentary on the movie to suggest otherwise. Of course, if you have seen it, you know what they are talking about. Also while you are having fun reading about the Matrix, check out this page:

Timeline: When is the Matrix?

And of course, look for my Matrix page, coming soon!