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The New Splog

Back in April of 2004 I was posting about something I called “splogging“. Basically it was the repeated and never-ending activity of leaving comments on someone’s blog post, essentially, spam comments. At the time, it was funny, because I was using this against friends! Eventually spam comments became a real problem, and it was no… Reads more »

AOL Buys Weblogs Inc.

News has been circulating since late last night that AOL has purchased Weblogs Inc. which publishes an entire network of blogs, including the very popular Engadget. Terms of the deal aren’t yet known, but various bloggers have been suggesting anywhere from $25 to $40 million USD, which certainly makes sense as the company makes at… Reads more »

Six Apart’s Project Comet

Six Apart has a sneak peak at their future plans for blogging, called Project Comet: Project Comet will launch in early 2006 and will combine the publishing power of TypePad, the community aspects of LiveJournal and the years of insight garnered from Movable Type. Project Comet is focused on creating an advanced weblogging technology platform… Reads more »

Northern Voice 2006

Just saw on Darren’s blog that Northern Voice is happening again in 2006. Here are all the details so far (from Darren’s post): It’s a two-day conference now, with Friday being a self-organizing thingy in the tradition of Foo Camp and Bar Camp. Saturday will be similar to last year’s conference. You can register for… Reads more »