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Blogs are Advertising in BC?

Darren Barefoot reports that Elections BC has decided that blogs are simply campaign advertising: “Under the Election Act, it will fall within the definition of election advertising, and we would ask them to register,” says Jennifer Miller, of Elections B.C. Miller says the volume of sites is overwhelming, and doesn’t rule out asking for a… Reads more »

BlogPulse Upgraded

One of my favorite tools for looking at blog conversations is BlogPulse. They announced today that they just finished an upgrade, and the new version has “faster, cooler features and more than 9.3 million blogs identified.” That’s a lot of information to track! BlogPulse is faster too – “in the last 24 hours, it analyzed… Reads more »

Why the NHL should be blogging

I was thinking recently about the NHL and the problem it faces as a result of cancelling the 2004-2005 hockey season. People have stated that the league’s failure to come to an agreement with the players is just the beginning of the end for professional hockey. Hockey as a product will struggle even more if… Reads more »