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Odeo giving up on podcasting?

Maybe it’s time everyone stopped calling Odeo a podcasting company. I’ve been critical of Google’s apparent lack of focus and direction many times in the past, but they’ve got nothing on Odeo. I mean here’s a company with some very smart people working for them, some substantial venture capital behind them, and yet very little… Reads more »

Paramagnus in AlbertaVenture

If you pick up a copy of the July/August issue of AlbertaVenture magazine, you’ll find an article titled Entrepreneurial Idol, which is all about VenturePrize. While I think that title is better suited to the upcoming Dragon’s Den on CBC, the article is still really good. Indeed one of my favorite memories from the entire… Reads more »

Ken Lay dies after heart attack

It is being reported this morning that Enron founder and former CEO Ken Lay has died of a heart attack, suffered while at his vacation home in Colorodo. Thus far, the details are limited: Lay, once a confidant of former President George H.W. Bush and dubbed “Kenny boy” by President George W. Bush, often appeared… Reads more »

Gates to become part-time Microsoft employee

Bill Gates announced today that over the next couple years he will gradually move away from his full-time duties at Microsoft, after three decades of serving as the public face of the company. Not too surprising a move, as far as I am concerned. Gates is 50 now, with young children, lots of money, and… Reads more »

Who is Google’s worst enemy?

If you said Microsoft or Yahoo, you’d be wrong. I think the real enemy for Google is itself, which is kind of like Microsoft, but for different reasons. Microsoft’s worst enemy is itself because it has to find ways to get people to upgrade from the existing versions of Microsoft software they already use. Or… Reads more »

Entrepreneurial Genes

Bad news for the business associations of the world who try to foster growth in small business – genetics make the entrepreneur, not environment, according to a recent study: A study of identical twins by researchers in Britain and the United States suggests family environment has little influence because nearly half of a person’s propensity… Reads more »

Yahoo hearts PayPal

In a deal announced earlier today, Yahoo and eBay are teaming up around advertising, e-commerce, and search. Yahoo becomes the exclusive provider of graphical ads on eBay, and will also provide some text ads. They are going to make a co-branded toolbar, and they’ll work to make their respective VoIP apps work together (Yahoo Messenger… Reads more »

Is Web 2.0 Changing the Software Industry?

The last session of the day that I am attending is with Mike McDerment, Chris Messina, Matt Mullenweg, and Stowe Boyd, who will be discussing whether or not they thing Web 2.0 is changing the software industry. Here are my notes (my comments in italics): Matt describes a web service as a web page meant… Reads more »