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Roland nails the Globe and Mail on Web 2.0

Fellow Canadian and photoblogger extraordinaire Roland Tanglao posted some harsh words about a recent Globe and Mail article. The article includes a fairly negative quote from Albert Behr, who says, “you’ll notice that there are no Web 2.0 companies on the [Technology Fast 50] list — they just cost too much to be profitable in… Reads more »

Wired News gets Odeo all wrong

I think the staff at Wired News must have missed the memo about Odeo. In a list of Web 2.0 Winners and Losers published today, they included Odeo on the winners list. They praised the service, saying that Odeo “breezed in and de-mystified the podcast.” Huh, is that really what happened? Not according to Odeo… Reads more »

Has TechCrunch lost its edge?

I’ve been subscribed TechCrunch for quite a long time, and I rather enjoy reading about the various companies and technologies they profile. Lately though, I’ve noticed that TechCrunch seems to be reporting on “big company” or “big media” things far more than the little stuff. A good example of this is what happened today. I… Reads more »

How can a company use podcasting?

I came across this post from Karl Long today, titled “Uncommon Uses: Podcasting” in which he suggests some interesting ways that podcasting might be used. The basic idea is that we tend to use new technologies in similar ways as the old ones (using a podcast like a radio or TV show) because it seems… Reads more »

Why are there no Canadian brands in the top 100?

BusinessWeek recently released the 100 Top Brands for 2006, using data provided by Interbrand. Of the 100 brands on the list, not a single one is Canadian and I found myself wondering, why not? First, let’s look at how the list is built: To even qualify for the list, each brand must derive about a… Reads more »

Sonic 102.9 FM acquired by Rogers

Any Sonic-heads out there? Big news regarding one of Edmonton’s newest radio stations! It appears that Sonic 102.9 FM has been acquired by Rogers Communications. Details from Broadcaster Magazine via Tod Maffin: Rogers Communications, long seeking a radio presence in Edmonton and northern Alberta, has found its channel, with a $39.8-million acquisition of OK Radio’s… Reads more »