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Canada to tax Income Trusts

By now you’ve probably heard that Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced today a new tax on income trusts. The decision has drawn lots of criticism, especially since it comes just three weeks after BCE proposed the biggest trust conversion in our nation’s history. Telus was another major corporation looking to transform itself to an income… Reads more »

Vancouver students to get Olympic break?

I guess the 2010 Winter Games is a pretty good excuse to give students two weeks off, eh? Well, post secondary students at least, because they might be able to work or volunteer at the games. Nothing is certain yet, but a nice break for students definitely seems likely: Spokeswoman Renee Smith-Valade said Vancouver’s Olympic… Reads more »

Penguins to add a little Canadian red?

Hockey season has started again! And what a great start it was, with Toronto losing 4-1 to the Senators. Edmonton’s first game is tomorrow night against the very red, very evil Calgary Flames. I can’t wait! Perhaps the biggest news of the day, however, is that RIM’s top executive Jim Balsillie has purchased the Pittsburgh… Reads more »

Roland nails the Globe and Mail on Web 2.0

Fellow Canadian and photoblogger extraordinaire Roland Tanglao posted some harsh words about a recent Globe and Mail article. The article includes a fairly negative quote from Albert Behr, who says, “you’ll notice that there are no Web 2.0 companies on the [Technology Fast 50] list — they just cost too much to be profitable in… Reads more »

Great Canadian Inventions

As usual (well when he decides to post anyway), Dickson has an interesting post up on his blog, this time about the CBC’s poll of the greatest Canadian inventions. There are 50 different inventions on the list, and CBC wants you to cast your vote. A special two-hour show featuring the inventions and a bunch… Reads more »

Why are there no Canadian brands in the top 100?

BusinessWeek recently released the 100 Top Brands for 2006, using data provided by Interbrand. Of the 100 brands on the list, not a single one is Canadian and I found myself wondering, why not? First, let’s look at how the list is built: To even qualify for the list, each brand must derive about a… Reads more »

Lucky to be alive and yet still complaining

NOTE: This post contains some sweeping generalizations and may offend, so read at your own risk. I’m disappointed in and saddened by the Canadians (and those who simply have dual Canadian citizenship) coming home from the Middle East right now. Not all of them mind you, but just about every one I have seen on… Reads more »

Google Checkout – @!%$ you too Google!

When I got to the office this morning I checked to see if Google Checkout was working, and was happy to see that it was. And it’s not in beta either! I started looking through all the information (there’s a lot), glanced at the API information, and was generally feeling really great about the service…. Reads more »