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Online advertising in Canada is booming

The numbers are in, and it appears that 2006 was an incredibly impressive year for online advertising in the great north. Forget about all the action happening south of the border, Canada is where it’s at! From 901am: The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB) announced that 2006 Canadian Online Advertising Revenues surged to an… Reads more »

How gay is Edmonton?

Apparently the city I live in is gay enough to make it into Out Traveler magazine’s top five gay-friendly tourist destinations in Canada. Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg, and Toronto are the other cities. Here’s what they say about Edmonton: Its hard not to take a shine to Edmonton, the laid-back capital of oil-rich Alberta. A refreshing… Reads more »

Canadian Mobile Data Access Sucks

I readily admit I am simply echoing the chamber with this story, but it needs to be seen by as many people as possible. Mobile data service in Canada is horribly expensive. As Boris said, “this pricing structure is stifling mobile innovation in Canada.” Here’s a graph that Thomas Purves made (click for the photo… Reads more »

Ottawa to help Alberta energy go green

Here’s something you don’t hear every day – the federal government wants to help Alberta with it’s oil and gas industry! I think it’s great, as long as the funding is actually used appropriately. From the CBC article: Ottawa will spend $155.9 million to make Alberta’s oil and energy industry more environmentally friendly, Prime Minister… Reads more »

Edmonton Bloggers

This is something I have been thinking about for a while. I got an email this week from Pete Quily, asking if Edmonton had anything like the kind of directory he is looking for in Vancouver. Here’s what he wants: With the large number of techies/bloggers/web workers/geeks/wired folk/internet businesses/pick your preferred word in the Vancouver… Reads more »

Shopping Malls: Canada vs. China

Quick – which shopping mall is the world’s largest? If you said Edmonton’s own West Edmonton Mall, you’d be wrong. Despite holding the title for two decades, WEM is now number six on the list. A building boom in Asia has landed that continent nine of the world’s ten largest malls (the article says eight,… Reads more »

Broadcast radio turns 100

It was on December 24th, 1906 that Canadian inventor Reginald Fessenden produced the world’s first public radio broadcast. When you consider how many technologies have met their deaths in recent decades, it’s amazing that radio is still so prevalent today (Via Engadget): On Dec. 24, 1906, Fessenden fired up his transmitting station at Brant Rock,… Reads more »

Wow…Google Checkout really hates Canada

You may recall that when Google launched their Checkout service back in June, I posted about how Canadian merchants were left out in the cold. I went back to the site every couple weeks hoping to see that Canada had been added as a valid merchant country, but it never happened. I gave up around… Reads more »

Passports required for U.S. entry starting January 2007

I guess this means I am going to have to get my passport renewed. Today, the U.S. Homeland Security Secretary revealed that the United States will start requiring travelers entering the country to show passports beginning January 23rd: The department had been expected to institute the passport requirement for air travelers around the beginning of… Reads more »

Maclean’s sucks up to the U of A

I don’t know about you, but today I lost all remaining respect that I had for Maclean’s magazine. The annual ranking of Canadian universities came out, and the University of Alberta placed first in the reputational ranking. Kind of suspect, don’t you think, considering the U of A led the charge to boycott the rankings… Reads more »