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Telus Mobility switching to GSM?

It’s a headline I never thought I’d read – Telus considers dumping is ‘Betamax’ of wireless networks. Apparently executives are taking a look at how feasible it is to move from the current CDMA standard to the more widely used GSM. As a Telus Mobility subscriber this is exciting news! I’m not holding my breath… Reads more »

realDEVELOPMENT_07 Edmonton

MSDN is touring the country again, this time to talk about strategies for today’s web application development. They’ll be in Edmonton at SilverCity in WestEd (actually I guess it’s Scotiabank Theatre now) on October 25th: If you are a Canadian Web developer, this free event is for you. We will look at common challenges such… Reads more »

Talking Tech with pacificIT Radio

I was invited recently to be a guest on Robert Sanzalone’s pacificIT Radio, a “fun, casual tech talk show where listeners from all over the world share their questions and experiences on tech.” We recorded the episode live last night using Talkshoe, with me here in Edmonton and Robert all the way around the world… Reads more »

Edmonton Public Library & U of A Libraries at Facebook

Last October I wrote a post about some radio ads the Edmonton Public Library (EPL) was running at the time. My argument was that the EPL’s advertising just wasn’t “with it” and that they should take a good long look at what would appeal to younger patrons. Here is what I wrote: The goal is… Reads more »

Remembering Jordan Anderson

Unfortunately, Canadian soliders being killed in Afghanistan and other places around the world is not extremely rare. It’s also very sad when it happens, so I’ll be honest, I usually skim the headlines. I hadn’t even had the chance to do that yesterday morning, however, when I got a call from a CBC reporter looking… Reads more »

CBC’s Great Canadian Wish List – pathetic, just pathetic

I just read on Mashable about the CBC’s Great Canadian Wish List project. I hadn’t heard about it until now, but apparently the CBC created a Facebook group asking users to vote on their top 30 wishes. Mashable explains: More than 16,000 people responded to the questions posed on this Facebook group, says the TV… Reads more »

No email address for Canadians

Back in April I posted about Windows Live Hotmail and the news that users would be able to sign up for an email address. I was quite excited – after all, it’s a pretty cool domain name. Today though, some disappointing news: Apparently country code addresses will only be available in countries outside the… Reads more »

Movie Piracy? Blame Canada!

Looks like the “our business model sucks so let’s insult our customers” mantra has made it to the desks of Warner Bros. executives. If you’ve never been to an advance movie screening, too bad, because they are now banned for Warner Bros. movies in Canada: Frustrated with unauthorized camcording of its new releases in Canadian… Reads more »